Residential Home Inspections

We will visually inspect the home from top to bottom and identify defects within the property. You will be provided a comprehensive report on the overall condition of the home. Our inspections will help you better understand the home you’re purchasing and can help protect you from costly repairs and hidden safety hazards.

Pre-Drywall & New Construction Inspections

An inspection of the exposed building elements before construction is completed. Ensure that the construction of your new home is of the highest quality with our pre-drywall, phased new construction inspection. Let us evaluate what’s under and behind the surface before it gets covered up for good.

Radon Testing

We offer radon testing using the most accurate testing equipment. Radon is a harmful radioactive gas that can enter into homes and reach dangerous levels. Due to radon gas causing an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year, the Environments Protection Agency (EPA) strongly urges every home be tested for radon gas.

Mold Air Sample Testing

Test for hidden mold in a home with air sampling and lab testing with quick turn-around time. Performing mold air sample testing is a very effective method of determining the mold spore counts present in the air. Rest easy knowing there are no harmful spores in your future home.

Infrared Thermography

During home inspections, we use a Flir infrared camera to help evaluate the home for thermal anomalies. This help can indicate moisture intrusion, home energy deficiencies and identify hot spots in electrical panels. Infrared thermal imaging is an important tool for home inspections.

Home Advice for Life!

We offer free home advice for life. Call us at any time – months or years from now, with questions about your home. We will offer our expert advice.

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